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Hi.  I’m a singer and choir director, based in Sydney, Australia.  I’ve been performing and directing community choirs, school choirs and workshops for 25 years.

At the moment I lead 3 Sydney choirs.   If you’re looking for a place to sing in Sydney to join please CONTACT ME

I also lead groups of adventurous singers to interesting places around the world - including Spain, Morocco, Cuba, Vanuatu, Bali, Italy, Croatia and Tonga.

I am indebted to Tony Backhouse and his very influential choir ‘The Cafe of the Gate of Salvation’.   It was here that I learned how a choir can be a village in itself - a real community, almost a family.

Every choir is unique, and everyone gets something special out of it, but the common things are sheer joy, relaxation and community.  It’s very common to hear from members that choir night is the highlight of their week.   In fact many people have trouble sleeping after choir choir they are so wired !

The choirs all perform regularly, always raising money for something or other.   I believe in what I call ‘Double Happiness’ - do what you love but make sure it has some other positive effect somewhere else.   Between the choirs, over the years, we have raised a lot of money for various causes.  

I’m a lucky guy - my job gives me immense joy, and I know that every week hundreds of other people are getting a similar dose of happiness.  Plus I know there are villages in Africa, New Guinea, India and Vanuatu who have classrooms, wells, toilets and books just because we put on a few concerts.

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